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Then the reality does turn out to be a different kind of shade

Pat, his sister Catriona, and their brothers have distinct

My grandfather was a very interesting ne’er-do-well! He was great!

Maureen was raised by her maternal grandparents and spoke

Because all of the stories I’d heard

Catriona describes her horrified reaction as a child to her

People think I’m weird because, like, why Winterpeg?

Anthropologist Tim Ingold (2011) wonders if we have become

I’ve always tried to live close to the water

The relationship Brian has to water is deeply connected to

We never have warm wind back home!

In this story, Greg’s first experience of Winnipeg is

It’ll always be a part of my heart

In our second interview, I asked Joe and Mary what feels

I don’t feel the pull that he does

Eileen’s compelling comparison of her relationship to